Erica Nowacki – Owner/Head Trainer

Before I discovered the Lagree method, my career as a Certified Master Classical Pilates Instructor allowed me to train some of the most inspirational, professional Athletes and Olympic hopefuls all across, North America and Great Britain.

As master trainer, I truly believe in acute body awareness and a deep mind-body spiritual connection grants us the ability to tap into our bodies’ restorative potential. The Lagree method has enhanced my belief. The machines we use at Core954 enable us to train our bodies, and minds, in such a way I have never been able to achieve with any other method.

I strive to ensure all my students, at any level, will achieve their personal goals whether it is injury prevention, core stabilization, weight loss, pre & postnatal strengthening, rehabilitation, or simply increasing athletic performance.  Most of all, the education I leave you with is life changing in itself.  I have over 17 years experience in the fitness industry, and I believe whole-heartedly that this way of life “changed” my life. I eagerly await for you to experience what Core954 has to offer – you will be pleasantly surprised. The Lagree method is truly magical.


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